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2003 Subaru Baja Sport

Alright! So i'm back in a Subaru.  Sold my WRX to put a down payment on a house.. but now that thats settled it was time for a change up.  The Chevy Colorado was no good for hauling kids so I picked up this premo Subaru Baja Sport.  Found this little baby hiding at a dealerhip.  It was sort of a dealer restoration project.  85k origional miles but they did quite a bit of work to it.  New short block, new transmission, new half shafts, complete gasket kit, heads sent away and machined with new valves, new tires, new brakes, etc...  Check out the video!

AF Dynamic Intake, Subaru WRX... I think

Well.. after installing the Invidia exhaust and planning on some kind of pro tuner in the future I decided I would look at some intakes and boxes.  I settled on this AF Dynamic product I found on Amazon.  The reviews were good and the price seemed nominal.  I received the product today and set out to install it.  However.... there are a few problems. Most notable a fitment issue which is outlined below. 

Shown in the instructions, the intake tubing has a slight S bend in it, and everything lines up nicely, BUT.....


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2006 Chevy Colorado "Collie"

Subaru: How to display codes on the DIS without a code reader

Satoh Paint Work

Finally some paint work getting done on the 1974 Satoh Elk 550g.  Red and Cream as you can see.. these were very close to the original colors. The red was a little more orange on the original paint, but since someone had already started this in red, red it is.  The images below show some of the process.  Only Two things on the list that need done now.  New fuel pump, I will either rebuild the mechanical pump or retrofit a 12v electric pump.  The other thing is the exhaust, it used to exit down and out the back, I am going to put a stack on it.  More pics soon!

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Something old something new

Well heres something I picked up last night.   Its a Satoh Elk s550g... I think its around a 1974.  It has a 1L liquid cooled Mazda 4 cylinder engine.  Runs like a treat, all 19.5HP of it through a high/low 3 speed.  6 speeds forward and 2 reverse.  New paint is definitely in order, red and cream are the original colors I do believe.  I'll have to do some research.